Vision and Mission

Our Vision
The vision of Stand-by-me Bereavement Service is for all children, young people and families  in North hertfordshire to have open access, free at the point of need, bereavement support regardless of situation and circumstances, at any point during their childhood

Mission Statement
Stand-by-me Bereavement Service was created to provide open access to fair and equitable bereavement support for all children and families at the point of need in North Hertfordshire as well as advice and guidance to associated professionals involved in their day to day care.

Our Values
Stand-by-me Bereavement Service believes that all people have a right to be treated fairly and equitably regardless of status and circumstances. As such it seeks to treat all those associated in any way with the charity in accordance with its policies and procedures to maximise inclusion and equitability and to minimise discrimination and oppression. It takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard the needs of children, young people and vulnerable adults and to promote the rights and inclusion of ethnic and minority communities.

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