Taking care of yourself

When we are grieving it can feel like very hard work! We often have more headaches, stomach aches or find it tricky sleeping or eating as well as we did before our special person died. Although this is normal for a while it is important that we help ourselves stay well and then we are able to manage our sad times and our grief better.

All of the confusing things that we feel when we are grieving can make us worry that we are going mad or are bad- this is not true! Grief can feel nasty but it is normal and there are things we can do to help us to manage our feelings better.

It is a good idea to try to do some things each day that you enjoy, relax you or that you feel proud of. Why not try:

  • having fun with friends
  • walking the dog
  • playing with or doing your favourite things
  • playing sport
  • singing or dancing
  • making a joke book and trying them out on friends
  • yoga and relaxation breathing

Making sure that you are doing some of these things that help you relax each day will help you you manage your tricky days when you feel sad. Why not look at Michael Rosen’s Sad Book? He tells you how he tries to relax and manage his sad days. Look on our book list in links for more details.

first aid

Sad Days

Everyone has sad days when someone they love has died. At first there will be many sad days and then later they will not happen as often.

Why not make yourself a ‘First Aid Box’ of things that make you feel better, cheer you up or remind you of the good things about the person who died so that you feel close again. This might be a good time to look in your memory box too.

Things that can help:

  • photos of the people who take care of you
  • favourite books/music/games
  • Joke books
  • making your favourite food
  • have a hug from someone who cares for you
  • anything that makes you feel good but that doesn’t hurt anyone else

Why not send us your ideas too…?

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