Parents & Carers

When someone dies we can be totally unprepared to know how to best help the children and young people we care for. This is a very distressing time and our natural desire is to try to protect them from unnecessary suffering. Although we mean well, this can sometimes cause greater difficulties later. These pages will give you information to help you understand how grief affects them and how you can help.

What children and young people need to grieve well

  • Honesty- about what has happened, what will happen next
  • Simple, clear and age- appropriate explanations and answers to their questions
  • Help to understand the grieving rituals such as funerals and memorials
  • Patience and an understanding of how they grieve and how it will change over time
  • Encouragement to express their emotions appropriately and ways to remember the person who died
  • Familiar routines and security
  • Letting them know their feelings will change- and things will improve
Further information:
EXTRA HELP FOR PARENTS                   
If you are a parent or carer of  bereaved child or young person living in North Hertfordshire and you cannot find what you need on this website you can ring for further advice on Tuesday evenings 6- 8.30pm   TEL: 07469 255163
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