Involving school

When there are big changes in the family that affect children and young people it is good to let the professionals working with them know so that they can offer extra support and understand their difficulties. This is especially the case when your child is affected by the death of someone important to them.

Staff at nurseries, schools and colleges often have skilled and experienced workers who can offer extra pastoral support during difficult times. They might especially need to know when a young person is worried and unable to concentrate easily as this may affect their progress in school. They will also need to know if extra time out of school is needed for hospital visits etc.,

It is important that you involve your child’s school or college so that extra problems are not caused by them not being aware of the situation. They will discuss with you who else might need to know in school and you can talk to them about confidentiality. Many teenagers are reluctant to tell school because they fear that staff will talk about them and they feel embarrassed by this.

It would be helpful for school to know of key dates such as anniversaries, memorials and birthdays that might mean that your child might benefit from extra support at those times. Schools are always keen to help but they are very busy places and sometimes communication between staff might not run as smoothly as they would like so it might be worth reminding them again as these dates draw close.

Schools can also look out for any signs that might mean that more help is needed for your child or young person.

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