Young people and grief

Many of the things described about children’s grief can apply to teenagers and young people too- however they are also coping with extra stresses in their lives that can affect their grief.

They may face pressures fitting in with friends, school and exam pressures, worries about their future, coping with the changes in their bodies during adolescent.

Many become embarrassed at expressing their emotions and rely on friends to help them when they are down rather than family. They have difficulty managing the extremes of emotions and understanding their changing thoughts.

They can also be very protective of parents and carers- often they want to take care of you and try to shut out their grief. Often they try to act more grown-up than they really are to do this. Depending on the circumstances of the death or their relationship with the person who died they may have problems managing and expressing their anger.

Please take time to look at the pages for young people as they will give you useful information about what grief is like for them. Many of the things that we recommend that you do can make a big difference.

Why not let us know what helped you the most?

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