When you are faced with a bereaved child or young person it is possible to feel overwhelmed, out of your depth and worried about how to help.We all want to do our best to support them but children and young people’s ways of grieving can often surprise us because of its changeable nature. This is normal but different to how we imagine they should be grieving.

Children and young people can experience active and dormant periods in their grief, even if the death occurred when they were very young. This is normal and is often linked to different developmental stages as they move towards adulthood. This means that the adults around them often fail to recognise their distress.

Despite many of our experiences of grief being unique there are  many common features too. Based on this, these pages have some useful information to help you understand the needs of bereaved children in the early days and then later on.

We hope that the information here will help you support bereaved children that you have day to day contact with

Further training:
For details of the bereavement training programme for professionals in Hertfordshire please contact:  Step2 email:
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