When to ask for further help

This site is for information only and no referrals for direct support can be made through this website. If you are a health or education professional or GP with mental health and well-being concerns about a bereaved child and would like further advice from the STEP2 team at Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust you can contact them on 01438 730570 or email step2@hct.nhs.uk .


  • make sure you consult the family first if appropriate
  • have as many details about the case and concerns to hand
  • be aware that you may be asked to complete a CAF to assist referral and initial assessment


Mental health concerns: If you have serious concerns about the child or young person’s welfare, even if you feel it is grief related it is important that you follow your organisation’s safeguarding policies and ask the family to make contact with their GP

For further resources visit: www.thegrid.org.uk  Tools for schools

Social Care Concerns: Targeted Advice Service Hertfordshire: TAS provides advice and guidance for cases where they not do not meet the threshold for social care. Where practitioners are unsure whether the social care threshold has been met (ie. where safeguarding needs may be unclear) TAS has in place a Consultation line. Please consult with your line-manager and/or safeguarding lead before contacting them on : 01438 737511

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