What to do if you need more help

What to do if you need more help…                

When someone we care about dies we are shocked and surprised by our reactions but despite this,  many of the things that we describe on these pages are normal and natural in the early days. They usually change and become easier to manage as time passes. Friends, family and people at school can be a real help.

Sometimes though, our reactions and feelings do not change as expected or the people around us may not be able to give us the support we need. If this is the case it is important that you let someone know what is happening to you. Telling other members of your family or a trusted teacher or youth worker means that they can help you get some extra help.

Some things that you might want to talk about:

  • not wanting to be away from family members; worrying about what is happening to them
  • not wanting to go to school more than usual; not being able to keep up with the work
  • having more headaches or stomach aches than usual
  • taking your anger out on other people
  • nightmares and difficulties getting to sleep or staying asleep
  • worries about danger, illness and other people dying
  • low mood that doesn’t change and that stops you doing the things that you did before
  • not wanting to be with friends
  • thoughts of harming yourself

If you are worried about any of these or if anything else is worrying you it is important to talk to someone. If you find it hard to talk- why not write a short letter or card to give to a parent or teacher at school that lets them know that you need to speak to them?

Getting help from us-

We do not have a helpline for young people yet but we would very much like to in the future. You can get help from us in 2 ways-

  • Ask a parent/carer or teacher to contact us on 0                                        OR
  • You can contact us  by email sending us your name and details of how we can conatct you and we will  aim to get back to you within 48hrs

Emergency Helpline

if you need to speak to someone urgently and you do not feel able to speak with a parent or someone at school you can phone ChildLine 0800 1111


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