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Stand-by-me Groupwork - crafts at Easter

The Groupwork Programme

Run over 7 sessions our therapeutic groupwork programme is staffed by a dedicated team of highly trained volunteers who make sure that every child, young person, and their parent/carers feels safe and supported throughout their time with us. The group provides a safe space to share their experiences and emotions with others who understand how it feels when someone close to them dies, allowing them to see that they are not alone. Our groups for both the children and young people and their parent/carers are run concurrently and throughout the 7 sessions will join for certain activities.

Stand-by-me Groupwork
Stand-by-me Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors Programme

The programme aims to give those young people, whom have attended a group and who would like the opportunity, the chance to work with the Stand-by-me team. Their role is to share their experiences with other bereaved young people and their families and show that it is possible to look forward to a more positive future – even when things may seem at their worst.

As a group they raise awareness of the needs of bereaved children, get involved with fundraising and events, as well as learning some new skills such as event organising, marketing, fundraising, and public speaking.

Post-Group Counselling for Parents/Carers

Bereavement affects all of us at some stage in our lives and grief can turn your world upside down. Family members may experience different challenges in many aspects of life whilst grieving the reality of loss and continuing with the process of living.

As a parent/carer of a child who has attended our 7-week group programme we are able to offer you a safe, supportive place to talk in confidence about emotional issues. Your counsellor will listen without judgement and will focus on you and your world. You will not be directed in any specific way, but will be offered an opportunity, with your counsellor alongside, to look within yourself as you reflect on what you are going through.

Your challenges are unique to you. Whatever you choose to talk about will be received with empathy and respect.


Bereavement Support Programme for Schools

A programme which provides schools with a structure to understand and support bereaved children and young people. Check to see if your school has signed up here.

Mia & James

Stand-by-me Contact-me Video

The Difference we Make

Talking about their brother really helped them, and it helped me, I realised that if they could smile and remember the good times I could too



We attended in March/April 2023. I wanted to say how incredible it’s been watching such a tiny human putting into practice all the coping mechanisms you guys taught him. The school have been amazed at how well he’s done. It has honestly been astounding. Something we couldn’t have done without you. Thank you



I am still learning but with Stand-by-me and help from family, friends, my tutor, and those who stopped and tried to understand what I was going through I wouldn’t have achieved all of the things I have. I had to accept I couldn’t do everything myself and I had to ask for help.


Young Person

I want to become a Young Ambassador as Stand-by-Me has helped me so much, so I want to help them and young children who have been through an experience just like me.


Young Ambassador

Telephone Helpline

To help families at this difficult time, we offer a telephone helpline, 07469 255139, for parents, carers, and professionals.

Our trained Stand-by-me Advisors can offer advice and information on how to handle difficult conversations and hopefully relieve at least a little of the worry and stress that these conversations can cause.